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Updated Mail Service Beta Test
An updated mail server is now available for testing. Use the following information to configure your mail client.

  • ServerName:
  • IMAP Ports: 143 ( SSL: 993 )
  • POP3 Ports: 110 ( SSL: 995 )
  • SMTP Ports: 25 ( SSL/TLS: 465 or 587)

The server updates the SSL/TLS to the TLS 1.2 standard for all services. If you encounter any problems please let us know.

About the CCC
The Communications Control Center (CCC) is a versatile tool for managing your files, emails and accounts. Designed and programmed in-house, the CCC's goal is to deliver the functionality you need to take control.

Scheduled Maintenance: (Wednesday, September 21) Phone Service Maintenance    UPDATES - 2022-09-21 07:05:09 www.avvanta.comnetwork-status
****UPDATE 12:01 AM - We are starting the scheduled Phone Service Maintenance. We will update this notification when the maintenance is complete. ****UPDATE 01:48 AM - Phone Service Maintenence has been completed. If you have any further issues, please contact support.

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Mail service issues - 2022-09-19 18:08:29 www.avvanta.comnetwork-status
There was a significant impairment of mail services today with long delays for mailbox load times. The issue was caused by a single bad cable between switches, and it took some time to localize the problem. That cable has been replaced and load times are returning to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Scheduled Maintenance: (Monday, September 19) - 2022-09-19 01:08:57 www.avvanta.comnetwork-status
On September 19th between 12:01am and 05:00, Avvanta will be performing maintenance on some management and hosting services. During the maintenance, there may be a brief interruption lasting up to a minute while routes are updated. If you notice any issues outside of the scope listed above, please contact support at (425) 818-6500 or by email at Thank you, Avvanta ***UPDATE*** 01:08 Scheduled maintenance on September 19th has now been concluded. If you are still experiencing issues, contact support at (425) 818-6500 or by email at Thank you, Avvanta

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