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Advanced Spam Protection
Today Advanced Spam Protection has filtered 11 viruses and 13,367 spam messages.

A total of 6,602,605 viruses and 2,949,676,391 spam messages have been filtered since March 5, 2004.

About the CCC
The Communications Control Center (CCC) is a versatile tool for managing your files, emails and accounts. Designed and programmed in-house, the CCC's goal is to deliver the functionality you need to take control.

Scheduled Maintenance: (Thursday, November 0) Scheduled Network Maintenance 10/25 (Completed) - 2018-10-25 03:49:31 www.avvanta.comnetwork-status
Maintenance has been completed at this time (0345L) if you are experiencing any issues please let us know.

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Scheduled Network Maintenance 10/25 - 2018-10-25 03:40:48 www.avvanta.comnetwork-status
Starting scheduled network maintenance.

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Scheduled Maintenance: Thursday October 25th 12:01am to 4:00am   - 2018-10-24 23:53:29 www.avvanta.comnetwork-status
Administrators will be performing network maintenance on October 25th from 12:01 am to 4:00am. No customer impact is expected. As a precaution, please ensure that your Internet equipment is performing no critical updates, backups, or other activities over your connection during this time frame.

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